Science and NLP

Legal Disclaimer

All this material is purely entertaining and the creator can't be held responsible for negative consequences that arise due to playing these games.

So, how exactly does How To Pua help you with our real life dating skills? Well, it does so on 2 Layers.

1. Overt Layer

That would be Satella, the ship's AI, which is imbued with quite some serious and thorough knowledge of the Pick-up & Seduction Community. As such, she will give you feedback on your interactions and how the answers works from an attraction point of view. Her knowledge is founded on decades of collective dating experience gathered by PUAs all around the world.

Also, all the question you can ask the girls in the Talk-To Phase of a Date are based on the study done by Prof. Arthur Aron from the State University of New York. He developed a set of 36 questions, which aim at speeding up the development of intimacy between two persons. This study found a positive correlation between the usage of these question and a strong improvement in interpersonal closeness.

2. Covert Layer (This can be deactivated in How To Pua - Space)

The covert layer consist of multiple different subconcious influence techniques from very different fields. A few examples would be subliminal messaging (embedded in audio, as well as in visual form), rephrasing of sentences to work in the subconscious on a NLP-basis and quite a few other tricks (partly borrowed, but not limited to social engineering as well), so to speak. All message are due to their nature fairly simple, and all fall along general, positive truth statements, improving confidence, wellbeing and joy.

All this was fused together with years of experience to create an improvement cocktail that is as efficient as possible. So, if improving your skills while playing a video game sounds good to you, go ahead and give it a try!